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E121: Successfully productizing a white label offering with Adam Bate

We’re excited to announce that SEO Brothers and Opteo have partnered with UGURUS as sponsors of our show.

Adam is an SEO strategist who has consulted with brands such as Getty Images, Bass Pro, and American Standard. Currently, he has joined forces with his brother, Devon, to create the premier white-label SEO solution for freelancers and agency owners called SEO Brothers.

Adam and his team have spent the last few years solving the many white-label SEO problems that exist in the industry and creating two distinct service offerings to help freelancers and agency owners scale their organic search revenue while providing the best possible service.

Episode highlights:

  • How Adam offers a healthy service margin for clients.
  • How you can offer flat fees for unlimited tasks.
  • What happened when a whale client left.
  • Surprisingly, businesses had this reaction when SEO Brothers decided to go strictly white label.
  • Adam shares his wisdom about productizing.
  • Run time: 37:24
  • Best advice ever received: Don’t wait for motivation to show up.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Getting up and going to the gym, staying healthy and active.
  • Recommended book: Never Split the Difference by Christopher Voss – one takeaway is being specific on prices
  • Recommended tools: Focus at Will background music with timer



  • “Everyone was preaching ‘niche down’.”
  • “We just paid ourselves a little bit more money.”
  • “Clients outgrow an SEO-only firm.”
  • “Maybe we could fill the gaps in their capacity.”
  • “We have a really well-defined process.”
  • “It’s because we don’t work with them that they think we’re even better.”
  • “8 out of 10 times we’ve regretted it.”
  • “It feels nice to say ‘no’.”
  • “You can’t productize customer service.”


  • How can you make your business more focused? Who could you say ‘no’ to?
  • When productizing your offerings, don’t forget to maintain stellar customer service.
  • Communicate with clients about exactly what is included and not included in your offerings to make sure expectations are reachable.
  • Invest in a thorough onboarding process that sets clients up for success. 




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