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E123: Innovative Revenue Models Like Pay-Per-Lead and Site-Lease with Bradley Benner

We’re excited to announce that SEO Brothers and Opteo have partnered with UGURUS as sponsors of our show.

In 2010, Bradley Benner noticed that the marketing landscape had shifted to the digital space, so he began learning web design, SEO, and social media. He realized his passion for online marketing and built his consulting business, Big Bamboo Marketing, into a total digital marketing solution for small businesses. Bradley also founded Semantic Mastery, an online SEO and semantic web training and education site, where he has taken the role of instructor/coach.

Episode highlights:

  • How Bradley experimented with multiple rental sites to learn SEO and start his own agency with revenue already generating.
  • How to build a site for rent, and what revenue-generating model works best.
  • Learn what type of business can benefit most from this type of model.
  • Learn the one little change Bradley made to increase profit by 30% overnight.
  • Learn how a revenue-share model has to be set up to work. (HINT: people DO try to cheat!)
  • How Bradley has the “SEO results” conversation with clients and tools he recommends.
  • Run time: 40:55
  • Best advice ever received: Learn how to delegate.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Being obsessive.
  • Recommended book: Solopreneur? Try Work the System by Sam Carpenter
  • Recommended tools: Brightlocal for client reporting



  • “I didn’t really want to pay an agency to do it for me.”
  • “I essentially had three guinea pigs.”
  • “If not, I’m gonna call your competitor.”
  • “You can trust but you need to verify.”
  • “Rank trackers have become highly inaccurate.”
  • “Who cares where you rank if it’s not generating you leads.”


  • Take time to develop a good working relationship before committing to trusting with something like revenue share. Then, confirm that they’re being truthful with Bradley’s recommended process.
  • Review how you can help, with personalized recommendations, on a video for prospects.



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