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E126: Building a brilliant team while living the digital nomad lifestyle with Estela Kun

We’re excited to announce that SEO Brothers and Opteo have partnered with UGURUS as sponsors of our show.

Estela, a UACADEMY grad,  is the co-founder of InSpiral ltd Marketing and Sales Agency, which promotes some of the most inspiring truth-speakers and change-makers from around the globe, helping them to better reach and awaken their audiences, and amplify their message and impact they make.

She lives and works in various locations around the world, and employs her team from across the globe.

Episode highlights:

  • Learn how Estela operates a truly international business model with employees all around the world.
  • What Estela did to get her international business started.
  • How Estela integrated what she learned in UACADEMY with the digital nomad lifestyle.
  • How Estela built a culture in her business while working remotely. 
  • Get Estela’s recommendation on working in different time zones—both with employees and clients.
  • Learn how Estela rebooted her agency.
  • How do you know that people are working if you can’t physically see them? Estela weighs in.
  • Run time: 35:40
  • Best advice ever received: Follow my inner guidance or flow
  • A habit that contributes to success: Seeing old patterns and breaking free from them.
  • Recommended tools: Use fewer tools! She recently narrowed down to Slack, Google, Trello, and Zoom.
  • Recommended book: Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield



  • “Business and lifestyle just go hand-in-hand.”
  • “We all have a personal relationship.”
  • “We don’t try to get everything into one day.”
  • “I really struggled with long hours and stress.”
  • “We encourage people to work less.”
  • “I want to make a positive impact on the planet.”


  • Try encouraging employees to work less but better. Encourage them to try activities that re-energize them and allow them to better focus on their work.




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