E127: How to merge two digital agencies with Lysa Miller

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Lysa Miller is a Partner and President at the award-winning digital agency, 3 Media Web in Hudson, MA. She is the founder of the digital marketing agency Ladybugz, which is now a part of 3 Media Web Family. She has been a source on Entrepreneur.com, Fortune.com, Business Insider, CIO, Daily Worth and Business Insider and blogger for MassVacation.com, along with a regular content contributor to various online publications. Lysa is President and Founder of the MetroWest Women’s Network, a professional network empowering women in MetroWest Massachusetts.

Episode highlights:

  • What it’s like to go through the process of merging your company with another.
  • How to trim your offerings and become a better company.
  • How Lysa sold clients that were difficult to work withwin-win!
  • How to merge two cultures successfully. Hintit wasn’t overnight.
  • Lysa’s company practices an open-book financial policy. Here’s how.
  • The surprising way Lysa forced her business partner to take a vacation.
  • The 3 main ways Lysa’s company generates leads.
  • Run time: 35:51
  • Best advice ever received: Don’t focus on what you can’t do – focus on what you can do.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Being the life of the party!
  • Recommended tools: Google Calendar for full-life organization
  • Recommended book: Gino Wickman books – Traction, Get A Grip, and Rocketfuel



  • “If you offer too much, you’re just gonna fail.”
  • “We wanted to work with professionals who understood the digital landscape…and the role that an agency has.”
  • “We wanted to focus on partners.”
  • “Most of our team is local now.”
  • “We truly believe that the culture is the driver of everything.”
  • “It’s so hard to get everyone to take a vacation. They love working here that much.”
  • “Provide value to the customers you want to get.”


  • Find ways to merge remote employees and local employees. Think, team lunches remotely.