E136: Chatbots for the win with Victor Vento

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Victor Vento works with high-growth coaches, experts, and consultants to scale through Facebook ads and chatbots. He has worked with clients to achieve results in the ballpark of 3,220% ROI on ad spends. Victor has been rocking chatbots!

Episode highlights:

  • Who Victor works with and how he helps them generate leads.
  • What a chatbot is and how it works for businesses.
  • The stigma of talking to a bot, and how you can avoid it.
  • How to avoid redundancy to improve user experience.
  • Victor’s word of caution with using bots with text messages.
  • Run time: 32:23
  • Best advice received: You can’t ask people for more than what you’ve invested in yourself.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Quick implementation
  • Recommended tools: Manychat and Kartra 



  • “They just need us to flood it with leads.”
  • “Just be where they’re at.”
  • “I would still consider this the wild, wild west.”
  • “It’s only there to bridge you not being there until you’re able to be there.”
  • “If it’s one-way, you’re spamming.”


  • Be cautious when using text messages! It’s a very intimate form of communication that isn’t yet overrun by marketers.