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E143: The power of illustration in agency messaging with Ingrid Lill

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Ingrid Lill studied Visual Communication back when layouts still were drawn by hand.

She later worked as a graphic designer and art director all over Europe, as well as a graphic recorder drawing live at conferences and seminars.

She teaches drawing in her studio and online at Illustrationmadeeasy.com

Ingrid recently discovered/invented Visual Coaching and Brand Storyboarding.

Episode highlights:

  • How to get clear on your agency’s message using the power of drawing.
  • How to take faster notesusing illustrations.
  • How discovering her superpower has changed Ingrid’s own business.
  • Practical applications using various tools, plus what it means to draw eyebrows that are higher in the center and how to place characters into a simple background.
  • Best advice received: Your drawings are good enough, not go figure out what you want to say with them.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Draw every day and “do what you like best.”
  • Recommended tools: My Apple pencil
  • Recommended book: Storybrand by Dr. Donald Miller
  • Run time: 33:46



  • “I think it was the storytelling that always interested me.”
  • “At some point, it became too boring.”
  • “I’m helping businesses get clear on their message.”
  • “This was interesting. I think I’m on to something here.”
  • “The advantage of drawing is that it’s really fast.”
  • “I hear them, and they see that I’m listening to them.”
  • “My drawings are very simple.”


  • You can use these methods to help with your sales process. Ingrid has also seen it used successfully in marketing and newsletters.
  • Start with the “who”.

Ingrid was inspired by the interview to contribute a little something…





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