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E145: How to make your brand more genuinely authentic with Re Perez

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Re Perez is a seasoned Brand Strategist, International Speaker, and CEO of Branding For The People, a brand transformation agency that helps funded startups, high-growth entrepreneurs, and expanding small businesses around the globe to authentically connect with their audiences. 

In his new book Your Brand Should Be Gay (Even If You’re Not), Re uses real-life case studies and behind-the-scenes stories to challenge your understanding of branding, demonstrate the transformational impact of authentic brands, and share his proven branding process that has helped his clients shift from unknown to celebrity-like status. 

Episode highlights:

  • About the opportunity for Re’s agency to evolve, and what other agencies might find in this experience.
  • Re’s thoughts on why it’s so important for entrepreneurs to constantly work on improving themselves.
  • How Re got started on his recent agency transformation.
  • What a branding transformation includes (it’s so much more than visuals).
  • Authentic vs. inauthentic brands, and what that word really means. 
  • Is your agency YOUR personality or your agency’s? Re explains.
  • Best advice received: Not everyone with a credit card is meant to be your client.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Gratitude.
  • Recommended tools: Big Vu app for selfie videos
  • Recommended book: Michael Singer’s The Surrender Expariment
  • Run time: 40:18



  • “They’re looking for a transformation.”
  • “When you work on yourself personally….it has a big impact on your business.”
  • “It was time to go deeper rather than wider.”
  • “You’re never fully transformed.”
  • “What can I create purely with love?”
  • “I think people sniff that out….consumers are becoming smarter.”
  • “At the core of it you’re expressing authenticity.”
  • “Your authentic personality is not going to resonate with everyone, and that’s ok.”


  • Your branding transformation is about more than what your brand looks likeit includes so much more, including your team and what clients you work with.
  • What’s more importantmoney or happiness and purpose? Your choices depend on where your business is at right now but keeping that in mind can help you make better decisions.
  • Keep things authentic if you want people to trust you. Personality is a great way to do this.







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