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E146: Content, crisis, customization, and the value of simplicity with Michael Reynolds

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President/CEO of Zephyr. Solving small business website design by helping agencies avoid profitability traps like over-thinking design, paying too much for development, and getting stuck in plug-in hell.

Episode highlights:

  • How Zephyr managed to successfully create a CMS as an agency when so many try and fail.
  • Problems that agency owners commonly have. Can you relate?
  • Why Michael is trying to get people to think more simply—especially in these crazy times.
  • Why websites are essential right now—and how website revenue is increasing.
  • Why content is so important, and how Zephyr approaches it.
  • What efficiency has to do with custom design vs using a theme.
  • Best advice received: Follow your dreams.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Hyperfocus on productivity and organization.
  • Recommended tools: Microsoft To-Do and Lastpass
  • Recommended book: Dave Ramsey books, Taylor Larimore’s Boglehead’s Three-Fund Portfolio, and Storybrand by Donald Miller
  • Run time: 35:04



  • “We just weren’t really happy with what’s out there.”
  • “On a mission to bring it to agencies everywhere.”
  • “The key point….is we have an extreme focus on simplicity.”
  • “We want the system to get out of your way.”
  • “They want content to be easy to manage.”
  • “We live in a world where integration has become easier.”
  • “Utopia hell.”
  • “Website services are showing their stickiness—in a good way.”


  • Don’t assume customization is the answer. Many businesses would fit a simple theme much better.







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