E147: How to message during the pandemic with Aaron Wrixon

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Since the mid-90s, WRIXON founder Aaron Wrixon has been paid for crafting more than 6 million words. That’s the equivalent of writing War and Peace back-to-back 11 times. He has written copy for more than 100 different industries across the English-speaking world.

Episode highlights:

  • What entrepreneurs like Aaron have seen change since the start of the crisis.
  • The conflict that many home-bound entrepreneurs are facing right now: family first or work first?
  • Are you Type-A or Type-B with your money right now? Aaron and Brent dig into where that will lead.
  • How we should be talking about ourselves right nowan expert opinion on messaging and sales.
  • How Aaron has adjusted his work to help more during the pandemic.
  • How to bring context to your messaging right now.
  • Best advice received: Keep your mouth closed, you’re catching flies.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Grit.
  • Recommended tools: Grammarly and Bear for Mac
  • Recommended book: Managing a Downturn – HBR authors: Chris Zook, James Allen, Ronald Heifetz, Marty Linsky 
  • Run time: 45:12



  • “Recently, the world changes every day.
  • “Now I have new co-workers, shall we say.”
  • “He said something along the lines of, ‘You have to keep moving’… you can’t save your way through a crisis.”
  • “I’m gonna put a gun to your head and take all your food.”
  • “If you’re scared of selling, focus on those outcomes.”
  • “You need optimism, not pessimism.”
  • “Maybe I’m getting angry because it does work.”


  • Recognize that people need HELP right now.
  • Don’t start your sales message with the pandemic. Talk about what is going on without actually talking about it. Be optimistic.