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E152: Take Action, Ask Questions Later with Emarc and Amarc

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Emarc and Amarc are serial entrepreneurs. Buisnesses they own together include: Modernonemarketing.com, Homeforeverbaths.com, Emarcandamarc.com, and Freeportmastermind.com. They also have a podcast with guests including Gary Vaynerchuk and Ryan Deiss.

Episode highlights:

  • The unusual way Emarc and Amarc became official business partners.
  • What Modern One Marketing does todayand how they’re different from other agencies.
  • What happens when content comes naturally.
  • The clever way they got Gary Vee on their podcastwithout an established platform.
  • What happened the day that they lost 75% of their revenue.
  • Why Emarc and Amarc continued marketing one of their side businesses (on TV no less!) during the pandemic, while nobody’s currently buying this specific product.
  • On Zoom-selling to the elderly (it’s the New Economy!).
  • Best advice received: 1) Keep in mind that I’m people-oriented. 2) Customer’s not always right.
  • Habit that contributes to success: 1) Being a people person (that hugs!) 2) No quitting, perseverance.
  • Recommended tools: 1) Sharpspring 2) Trello 
  • Recommended book: 1) How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and The Bible 2) EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey
  • Run time: 44:56



  • “I never knew it could go below 75 degrees….I mean, in Haiti you don’t use terms like ‘coats’.”
  • “Gary Vee’s there, what if we got him on our podcast? We don’t have a podcast.”
  • “Be ok with asking them…without an established platform.”
  • “He had no choice but to say yes.”
  • “You guys stuck to your guns and right now I feel likes so many people are wussing out on marketing.”
  • “So you invited Gary Vee back to your hotel room…which is super weird.”
  • “Six hours…that’s a good pity party.”
  • “Chicago is a warzone right now.”


  • Got a crazy idea? Just go for it. Action gets you there faster than hesitation!
  • Don’t assume that a sales idea is impossible. Who knew that 85-year-olds would be getting successfully pitched over Zoom?










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