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E16: When To Involve Family Members In Your Business with Curtis McHale

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Today we are talking to Curtis McHale, a freelance web designer and developer based out of British Columbia, Canada. He’s also a coach and consultant to help freelancers get more leads and turn those leads into clients. He has some interesting takes on relationships, communication, and boundaries and how knowing how to optimize and handle these can help your business grow. If you are in the process of growing your agency or freelancing business, you will not want to miss today’s show.

Some of the highlights of the show include: 

  • How Curtis got his start when it came to freelancing and, web development, and eventually helping others grow their own agencies and communicating better with their clients.
  • Why an agency-owner’s spouse is an integral part of the business growth and how Curtis includes the spouse when consulting with his clients.
  • Some clues that you’ve put your relationship on cruise control as an entrepreneur.
  • How planning ahead with your spouse can allow you to problem-solve and better balance what needs to be done at work and at home.
  • Some types of boundaries to consider setting when it comes to your business.
  • How a client reacted when he enforced a boundary that he had set, causing him to cancel a speaking engagement and how Curtis handled it.
  • How to handle over-reliance on a phone or device and how to set boundaries regarding electronics.
  • Tips on saying no to things that you have put on your own to-do list, as well as ideas for making good decisions when it comes to how to spend your time.
  • How to set expectations and boundaries with clients who don’t stick to the contract when it comes to communication, payment, or anything else.
  • Some of Curtis’s upcoming projects and what he’s looking forward to.


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Quotes by Curtis: 

“I help people communicate well with their clients.”

“The idea that you can separate your home life and your work life is a lie to yourself.”

“The most effective word in your vocabulary to increase your productivity is the word no.”



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