E161: Niching, resilience, and a positive mindset with Stephen Christopher

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Stephen Christopher is the CEO and founder of Wit Digital, which was named a Fastest Growing Company several times in Colorado, as well as a Best Place to Work. Wit is a 20-person agency in the home-services space, and they have worked with over 500 clients.

Episode highlights:

  • How Stephen’s agency has shown up on social media during this complicated time with positivity and perspective.
  • On Stephen’s 100-day video project, including what happened it wasn’t fun.
  • Stephen’s view on imposter syndrome, and the tools he uses to combat it.
  • The evolution of creating short-form content.
  • How serious Wit Digital is on working within their niche.
  • A majorly important thing to remember when picking a niche.
  • What AI has to do with niche selection.
  • Best advice ever received: Wake up, look in the mirror, say you are enough right now.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Act faster than his inner critic or ego.
  • Recommended tools: SEM rush
  • Recommended book: Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday
  • Run time: 31:41



  • “I can control my mindset, I can control what I focus on.”
  • “It still comes up all the time, I think it never completely goes away.”
  • “I’m not perfect but I’m doing the best I can.”
  • “What if that thing has a positive impact on one person? Who am I to take that away?”


  • Showing up positively has a much better effect on your life and business than negativity ever could.
  • Thinking about putting something off that you’ve been working on? Stephen believes that may hurt someone who would have benefitted from it.