E162: Discover and develop your own personal brand with Melanie Spring

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Melanie Spring is an international keynote speaker, dynamic emcee, and corporate trainer. She & her Crew at Melanie Spring Productions travel the world creating branded experiences for humans like you to find your stories, build your confidence, and amplify your voices.

Episode highlights:

  • What the evolution looked like to move from a branding agency to Melanie’s current world of speaking, training, and building a personal brand.
  • The definition of a personal brand, and how it’s different from a business brand.
  • What Melanie found out when she asked 500 people to share their view of her.
  • How to discover your personal brand—if you’re brave enough to find out!
  • Does your personal brand outweigh your business brand? Melanie fills us in.
  • How your personal brand affects your business, like it or not.
  • Best advice ever received: Believe in yourself to stand as tall as you actually are.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Drinking
  • Recommended tools: Moleskine on iPad
  • Recommended book: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Run time: 30:49



  • “The whole world is shifting and changing and I shifted with it.”
  • “You hire people as experts and you let them be experts, that’s how it should work.”
  • “I think a lot of people are finding out who they are based on how they react in this situation.”
  • “Your brand is what everyone else is saying about you – not what you say about yourself.”


  • What 3-5 words describe you best? Ask your friends, or ask your friends and your team. The results are your brand. Melanie asked 500 people!