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E163: The silver lining of niching during a major market shift with Brett Linkletter

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Brett Linkletter is the CEO & CoFounder of Misfit Media. He has an aggressive willingness to take on new challenges and a strong understanding of scaling a business from scratch. His vision is to disrupt the restaurant marketing space by empowering business owners with predictable, scalable marketing strategies so they can grow their business based on insights and data, versus guesswork and course correction. Brett’s specialty lies in creative content creation, brand messaging, social media growth hacking, and business development. His biggest role model and lifetime hero is his great grandfather, Art Linkletter, who was a famous TV personality and businessman.

Episode highlights:

  • How working with restaurants has changed since the pandemic.
  • How competition in the restaurant industry has changed.
  • How Brett’s new book had to change following Covid.
  • The silver lining of being hyper-niched during a major market swing.
  • The biggest problem Brett’s team solves in the restaurant industry.
  • Are restaurants reluctant to work with a niched agency because they have their competitors as clients? Brett weighs in.
  • Brett’s advice on going all-in on a niche, especially on scalability.
  • Best advice ever received: You have to be happy internally first before success.
  • Habit that contributes to success: My morning routine.
  • Recommended tools: Anchor and Voxer
  • Recommended book: Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss
  • Run time: 34:17



  • “Everything is about ROI.”
  • “We basically lost half of our clientele at the start of Covid.”
  • “We have some clients that are up over 30% over this time.”
  • “It’s almost like I stepped into another gear…this was just another speed bump for us.”
  • “You gotta pick a niche! There are so many details about a specific industry that you would never learn.”
  • “Covid’s going to correct a lot of problems that they had.”
  • “You don’t build businesses, you build systems.”


  • Imagine pitching against someone who doesn’t understand your specific industry’s language. You’d smoke the competition.










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