E166: Picking a niche you love and working it with Stephanie Hudson

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Stephanie Hudson has been building websites and marketing them since the late 90s. Equal parts geek and dreamer, her wide-ranging experience gives her the chops to understand complex tech, but also explain it simply for mere mortals. Stephanie brings enthusiasm, technical know-how, and corny jokes to every conversation. When not presenting on stage, crafting custom marketing strategies, or managing WordPress sites, you can find her relaxing fireside with a juicy IPA at her home in Charlotte, NC.

Episode highlights:

  • All about the current state of affairs at Focus WP and Sweet Tea Marketing.
  • Why Stephanie runs a lean shop.
  • Why Stephanie picked breweries to work with specifically, and how she narrowed it down.
  • All about competition to work with “cool” niches.
  • How things have changed for Stephanie this year.
  • Whether Stephanie could ever commit to one business or the other.
  • Stephanie’s take on engaging with potential businesses during COVID—when you can’t just walk in to any business.
  • Best advice ever received: Listen to your body.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Being chatty.
  • Recommended tools: LastPass
  • Recommended book: Mike Michaelowicz and Donald Miller books
  • Run time: 36:31



  • “I use only contractors…I’m very hesitant to cross that bridge!”
  • “I haven’t been burned, I’ve just heard horror stories.”
  • “When someone turns a hobby into a business, they’re not always the best business person.”
  • “It’s not the right time to go knocking on doors.”
  • “I’ve always had a side hustle.”
  • “Proactive open-mindedness.”
  • “We don’t always know what we want.”


  • You’ll get a good picture of a niche if you have three clients within one.
  • Try saying yes more! It may open up worthwhile opportunities.