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E167: Understand Your Finances for Sustainable Profits with Danielle Hayden

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Danielle Hayden is a former corporate CFO, and she is on a mission to help rule-breaking female entrepreneurs understand their numbers so they can gain confidence! For the past 10 years she has been helping business owners with bookkeeping, financial analysis and education. She loves listening to stories and coming up with a process to transform how businesses run. She’s passionate about helping people every day.

Episode highlights: 

  • How financials are trying to tell you a story
  • The number one challenge around finances for agencies and agency owners over the last three to four months
  • Money performance indicators to look at when you break down your finances
  • Savings over expenses
  • What should be the number target in terms of profitability
  • The rule of thumb in terms of cost of people
  • 30 minutes to an hour weekly/monthly accounting checklist
  • Best advice ever received: Get out of your own way and accept help from the people around you
  • Habits that contribute to success: waking up early every single morning, exercise and a good old fashioned smoothie  
  • Recommended tools: QuickBooks, Zoom
  • Recommended book:  Built to Sell
  • Run time: 27:45



  • “Listen to the financial story.”
  • “Know where to spend your time and how to spend your time.”
  • “Spend the money with intention.”
  • “Hire a talent that you can afford.”


  • “Make sure you’re paying yourself right.”
  • “Step back and allow your team to help build a company with you.”




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