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E169: Growth Hacking TikTok and how to aggressively pump up your marketing with Jonathan Maxim

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Jonathan Maxim is a Fortune 500 marketing strategist turned growth hacker who’s led global campaigns for top brands, including Monster Energy, Xfinity, and TikTok, which gained 22,800 app installs in the first 30 days of their campaign.

Episode highlights:

  • What is growth hacking? Jonathan enlightens us.
  • Is growth hacking different from really good marketing?
  • How TikTok used influencers and various agencies to get going.
  • How DMing fits into marketing today.
  • Backbone services and what kinds of marketing wouldn’t be profitable in Jonathan’s agency.
  • How agency owners can use growth hacking themselves, and why they should do it.
  • Jonathan’s creative varies greatly, but he always plugs it into this formula for success.
  • Best advice ever received: Be willing to delay immediate gratification for long-term gratification.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Journaling and meditation.
  • Recommended tools: Go High Level
  • Recommended book: The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida
  • Run time: 28:30



  • “Ecomm pulled me in because a lot of these methodologies worked for that, too.”
  • “This is where diamonds are made.”
  • “It’s a really good lesson in not following shiny objects.”
  • “Self-deprecating humor is incredibly powerful in marketing.”
  • “That was a huge risk I didn’t understand until I got into it.”
  • “Growth hackers – you’re ruining things on steroids.”
  • “The shelf life is short when you’re exploiting organic systems.”


  • Innovation, creativity, and data make up growth hacking.
  • Creative risks pay off!




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