E178: The Keys to Scaling to 9-Figures with Jason Swenk

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Jason Swenk has literally written the book about growing an agency from nothing, to two eight-figure agencies with clients like AT&T, Hitachi, Lotus Cars, and eventually selling his agency. We’re going to talk to him about his new agency. If you remember he was on episode #14 here on the Digital Agency Show.

Episode Highlights:

  • What to look for when acquiring agencies.
  • How to have the right systems in place for your agency to scale without you.
  • The five roles that you need to transition into when becoming the CEO of an agency. 
  • Understand the value to your prospects.
  • Realize the true valuation of your agency by looking at the EBITDA.
  • How to tell how efficient and profitable a business is and that it can be independent of the owner.
  • Scale without having to do the extra work.
  • Buying a company without cash is possible using fast, creative ways to purchase.
  • Create three channels to grow your agency.
  • Make sure your core team is all employees, the rest doesn’t matter.
  • How to find and acquire companies the right way.
  • Recommended books: Giftology and Talk Triggers by Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin
  • Recommended podcast: Seth Godin’s Podcast
  • Run time: 31:36



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  • “You’re charging too little, maybe because you don’t understand the value you bring to your prospects.”
  • “I always promised myself that I would be a resource I wish I’d had.”
  • “You don’t need to bring millions of dollars in cash. There’s multiple creative ways in order to do this.”
  • “You need to know where you wanna go.”
  • “Raise your prices!”


  • Understand EBITDA and how to use it to value a company.
  • Stop pricing yourself so low.
  • What matters is how you position your product and who the right people are that value it and can pay it.