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E179: The New Economy digital gold rush with Lee Goff

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Lee Goff is an entrepreneur who grew up in the deep south, based in Mississippi he founded an agency called Get You Wired in 2003 with absolutely nothing. He scaled it and exited that business after growing it to the largest Infusionsoft agency in the world, doing multiple 7-figures. He has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Magazine, and has helped lots of digital agency owners to scale their business. 

Episode highlights:



  • “Speak the language in which your client speaks, that would help tremendously in closing deals and setting the proper expectation levels.”
  • “Make sure you have your lead sources diversified…don’t get all your leads from one source.”
  • “In the next foreseeable future, in our industry, there’s going to be an unbelievable amount of money available to be spent into taking their archaic or nonexistent infrastructure and getting up to compete.”
  • “My biggest piece of advice is to use moral compass marketing, don’t get too aggressive, try to feel where your clients are at…have a very involved discovery plan process that you charge for.”
  • “If you put together your product line properly, that’s going to allow you to go out and sell quicker and easier but most importantly scale the backend faster because everything is standardized.”
  • “I would very much caution you to develop a product line and help as many people as you can and therefore allows you to standardize it and scale and really capitalize on this opportunity.”
  • “Standardize how to deliver [what you’re good at] so you can serve 60-80% of your existing base and most importantly anyone that comes going forward.”
  • “When I say Reload, I mean come back, revisit how you sell your services and how you deliver your services and literally reload your product line and your agency to provide overwhelming value at an unbelievably streamlined process.”


  • Effects of COVID caused influx for some traditional small business niches by going virtual
  • Help clients start thinking about the bigger picture, being complacent in their space isn’t investing in longer-term plans
  • Be the transition person for clients, help provide clarity, and educate.
  • Have a scalable product line




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