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E18: How To Set Client Boundaries with Paul Jarvis

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Today we’re talking to Paul Jarvis, one of the earliest and most famous web designers out there. He started designing sites in the 1990s and has had some big-name clients. In addition, he’s launched courses on freelancing and digital marketing, and he’s an avid published writer. Now he’s been dabbling in software. We’re excited to talk to Paul today about how he’s succeeded as an entrepreneur.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Paul’s career history and what made Paul leave client work to go out on his own doing project-based work.
  • Why network and relationships are such a vital part of business.
  • What Paul thinks were the factors that made clients want to work with him.
  • How communication can either make or break your business and how Paul communicates with his clients.
  • Ways that Paul reconciles his introverted personality with the necessity of networking, relationship-building, and communicating.
  • Why it’s important to create boundaries about what you will or will not do and how to present them to your clients.
  • What made Paul start writing content and how he decided what type of content to create.
  • How Paul has positioned himself as an expert by having opinions on various topics in his industry.

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“Business is all about networking and all about the relationships you have with other people.”

“If you set boundaries, then most of the time decent clients will respect those boundaries.”

“I looked at what everyone else was doing and did the opposite to make a name for myself.”



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