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E180: Vladimir Jones agency celebrates 50 years of success with CEO Meredith Vaughan

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Meredith Vaughan is CEO of world-acclaimed Vladimir Jones agency. She joined Vladimir Jones in 1999. Between 1999 and 2008, when Meredith became their president, she grew agency billings by more than 600% and became CEO in 2014. She continues to ensure that Vladimir Jones brings to life their focus on building meaningful relationships that last. Clients include Tourism Santa Fe, Snowmass Tourism, Nebraska Tourism, Otter Products, American Indian College Fund, and Black Hills Energy.

Episode highlights:

  • How Vladimir Jones retains clients and team longer than the industry average.
  • What kept the agency going for 50 years through many different challenging times and changes.
  • How emotional investments have grown the business.
  • How the team is built up to value trust.
  • How Vladimir Jones came up with a great alternative to one of Santa Fe’s iconic events.
  • Best advice ever received: Have a cash management plan.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Working out and making time for myself.
  • Recommended tools: Stylus – tracks consumer trends
  • Recommended book: Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin
  • Run time: 40:44



  • “We’re just celebrating 50 years.”
  • “It isn’t an easy thing – it’s a very purposeful thing.”
  • “We really let the team run, and try new things, and fail fast, and be really independent.”
  • “The longevity of the agency is because we believe in the good of people, and we trust our people.”
  • “We learn. We evolve.”
  • “It is a lot of science.”


  • Start by understanding your team to support them and invest in them.
  • Vladimir Jones allows team members to donate PTO time to others in need.




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