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E181: How to find success with success partners with Laura Sutherly and Barry Alt

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Barry Alt owns Motorhead Digital. He has worked with over 225 clients in his niche – automotive. He’s been published 8+ times, he has been working with some of his clients for over 20 years

Laura Sutherly owns Agtivation, and has worked with over 450 agricultural clients, has over 320 agriculture websites that she’s built, she’s been able to successfully 3x her income while doing 25% of her work. 

Both Barry and Laura have been long-time clients of UGURUS and find success working together as “success partners”.

Episode highlights:

  • The start of their “success partner” relationship, and why it works.
  • How Laura and Barry collaborate and take their partnership beyond simply accountability.
  • How Laura and Barry split an employee that joins them at meetings.
  • Challenges Laura and Barry have faced in their partnership.
  • Best advice ever received: Surround yourself with people that remind you more of your future than your past (Laura, quote from Dan Sullivan), hang around with people smarter than you (Barry) 
  • Habit that contributes to success: Starting my day at 8 am and dressed for success (Laura), same! (Barry)
  • Recommended tools: Online banking and Profit First (Laura), Profit First and Rebump for Gmail (Barry)
    Recommended book: Fix this Next by Mike Michaelowicz (Laura), Who No How by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy (Barry)
  • Run time: 33:38



  • “So, there was a crisis?”
  • “We joke that we were doing zoom before zoom was cool.”
  • “It keeps us in practice, it keeps us sharp.”


  • Meet one another where they’re at, for example speed of completing projects.
  • Find a schedule that works for the two of you, 




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