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E183: Surprising Resilience of Programatic Ads in 2020 with Michael Fischer

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Michael Fisher is the director of inbound sales and represents the frontlines of Choozal for any and all prospective clients interested in their programmatic ad-buying services. For 18 years, he’s been focused on B-to-B contract sales and has developed over 5,000 partnerships – helping Choozle land over 2,000 clients. Choozle has been a bit pandemic-proof this year, as they’ve hired 16 people and grown by 35%.

Episode highlights:

  • How programmatic advertising is such a cool, easy, sophisticated way to get a particular message in front of the exact person you want.
  • What restrictions there are in a real-time bidding environment.
  • What the qualifying criteria for selling a self-serve platform are.
  • What Choozle offers clients to learn about real-time bidding.
  • The use of data available to provide impressions in familiar environments for political ads.
  • Best advice ever received: Be yourself, keep things simple, and always stay true and honest.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Insatiable appetite to win and winning is just a byproduct of doing right by the client
  • Recommended tools: Google search, to familiarize yourself with real time biddin
  • Recommended book: Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcom Gladwell
  • Run time: 30:10



  • “There has to be a genuine interest in wanting to become a programmatic media buying expert.”
  • “You need a compliant ad, that is going to a compliant landing page, that supports a compliant website.”


  • Important to familiarize yourself with real-time bidding.
  • Real-time ad restrictions are different for smaller platforms.




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