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E193: Growing a white-label WordPress team to 50+ with Ronik Patel

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Ronik Patel built the web agency JD Softtech in both Boston and Ahmedabad, India, and found he wanted a way to help other agencies.

So he took a team of highly qualified website developers and web designers and launched UnlimitedWP, a white-label WordPress partner for growing agencies.

Ronik now leads a team of 50+ to help digital agencies grow.

Episode highlights:

  • How Ronik decided to start his new business – an “agency for agencies”.
  • How UGURUS helped Ronik let go of serving everyone in everything.
  • What surprises Ronik has had working within just WordPress.
  • What systems and processes have to do with whether or not Ronik will accept a work request.
  • What challenges Ronik faced in getting to 50 employees.
  • How Ronik keeps a pulse on the team.
  • What Ronik found to be a major pain point for digital agencies.
  • Best advice: What’s the worst thing that can happen if you totally go for it?
  • Habit that contributes to success: Making lists and delegating tasks.
  • Recommended tools: Notion
  • Recommended book: Founder’s Dilemma by Noam Wasserman
  • Run time: 39:02



  • “If you would ask us politely, we’d do anything.”
  • “You have a niche but deep down you’re still open to other opportunities.”
  • “Once you really let go, it opens up so many other areas.”
  • “What I don’t have is any systems or processes to manage that work.”
  • “We get pleasure out of exploring new areas within WordPress.”
  • “They have systems on their end where their VAs are collecting tasks and putting them in our system.”


  • Try Vivid Vision to clarify your path.
  • Explore the massive complexities within a given niche.
  • Keep up on your scorecards!






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