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E196: Launching courses and changing lives with Janelle Allen

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Janelle Allen helps business owners create and market online courses. As a trained Instructional Designer, she believes that every company is in the education business. She’s worked with corporations such as Pearson Education, Potbelly Sandwich Works, Starbucks, and Apple to create training and online courses, using principles of adult learning and design. In 2016, she pivoted her mission to help small business owners create profitable courses that change lives. 

Janelle has helped UGURUS build courses as well.

Episode highlights:

  • Why Janelle pivoted from helping to create courses to helping market those courses.
  • How people feel about creating courses vs. paying for marketing.
  • Is course creation just easy, passive income? Janelle weighs in.
  • What it takes to get a course out there.
  • How the civil unrest of 2020 affected Janelle and changed her trajectory.
  • What happened when Janelle just “stopped”.
  • What it’s like to try out a job when you consider yourself “unemployable”.
  • How therapy helped Janelle – and how it could help other entrepreneurs.
  • Best advice: Focus on having more time rather than more money.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Ability to see something through to completion.
  • Recommended tools: Loom
  • Recommended book: Profit First by Mike Michalowicz
  • Run time: 37:23



  • “They want to have their course on autopilot.”
  • “I have this annoying ability to see where gaps are.”
  • “People innately understand the value of marketing.”
  • “I hate garbanzo beans.”
  • “I’m just gonna stop.”
  • “I probably wouldn’t have given myself permission.”
  • “I realized the importance of leadership.”
  • “Working at a job made me appreciate being an entrepreneur.”
  • “I got tired of my own patterns holding me back.”


  • It’s a recurring theme lately – therapy is great for entrepreneurs!
  • Take time away if you need it. We all need a reset sometimes.
  • Plan on a lot of front-end work when creating a course.




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