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E199: Solving e-commerce problems fueled 2020 growth with Nick Butler

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Nick Butler is the founder of Ireland Website Designs, an agency that specializes in e-commerce websites. As the name implies, he’s based in Ireland. Nick was able to leverage some of the challenges of Covid last year, and helped Irish retailers move to selling online. It’s given Nick an amazing opportunity to grow his business, and launch a SaaS app called LearnOn. Nick has been a member of the UGURUS Pro community for the last three years. He’s also a UGURUS Bootcamp grad.

Episode highlights:

  • What Ireland Website design is all about.
  • How Nick’s business has transformed over the years, and what he’s learned.
  • How a lead magnet changed Nick’s view and trajectory.
  • How a call with a champion changed Nick’s focus to retail and e-commerce—and the reason for the hesitance to do so.
  • Why Nick solves problems before they happen.
  • It wasn’t just COVID that hit last year: how Brexit affected Nick’s company.
  • How Ireland Website Designs is prepping for the presence of Amazon in Ireland.
  • What the LearnOn app is all about and how it helps course programs.
  • Best advice: From UGURUS mentor Jen Buzza – Done is better than perfect.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Perseverance when I really want something.
  • Recommended tool: Liveplan.com 
  • Recommended book: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
  • Run time: 41:56



  • “With a little bit of pushing from Brent, I’ve made it on the stage a few times.”
  • “It was tough those years….you start losing money, not making money.”
  • “I suppose it was a bit of jealousy.”
  • “It became not about me anymore. It was about my customers and my staff.”
  • “I jumped full-hog into it, really.”
  • “We (entrepreneurs) actually like to solve problems—that’s what we do.”
  • “Your phone’s gonna be ringing, there’s no two ways about it.”
  • “Nobody’s going away on Black Friday.”
  • “Hard problems become our differentiators.”
  • “Everybody’s looking for leadership. Everybody’s looking for an answer to their problem.”
  • “There were businesses that were never e-commerce that were going online.”


  • Take time to plot out scenarios of problems that may arise. 
  • Are there any unusual ways you can help your customers?



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