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E200: The wisdom of 200 podcasts with Brent Weaver

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Brent Weaver leads the vision for UGURUS and creates educational programs that help agency owners work on their business to drive additional revenues, increase profits, and create freedom in their life. He built his first website at 15 and created his first web-design business at 17. That company grew into a successful, 14-person web agency that was acquired in 2012. Brent has helped thousands of other web professionals master business skills and has made more than $10mm as an entrepreneur. He published the best-selling book, Get Rich In The Deep End, in 2020.

Brent is interviewed by his good friend, fellow entrepreneur Marc Gutman.

Episode highlights:

  • What podcasts Brent listens to.
  • What Brent thought of starting a podcast—something his former business partner had been pushing.
  • Brent’s biggest takeaway from 199 episodes—it’ll make you check your assumptions.
  • Why you should be careful when you know you’re right.
  • Brent’s biggest struggles right now.
  • What the future holds for Brent and UGURUS, and how it will make life easier for agency owners.
  • Best advice: 1) Verne Harnish: The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. 2) From my dad: Life is full of lessons, some are more expensive than others.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Waking up early (rather than staying up late).
  • Recommended tool: iPad Pro with Notability, ECamm.
  • Recommended book: Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, AntiFragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  • Run time: 43:03



  • “I didn’t want to start one.”
  • “If we start this, we can’t stop.”
  • “Nobody said the podcast is why I’m buying from you.”
  • “Hey, this has made a big impact on me.”
  • “Some of the people who have the biggest and most successful businesses have the gnarliest transformation moments.”
  • “There’d be a lot of controversy in the Gutman household.”
  • “He was right, but it wasn’t good.”
  • “We were obsessed with helping people sell their first $10,000 project.”
  • “Becoming successful with your business doesn’t mean that your problems go away. It just means that you get to work on more fun problems.” (From Ari Weinzweig)
  • “It’s easy to think of things in the context of failure.”


  • Consider the cost of being right.
  • We don’t know the backstory of everyone who looks so accomplished and happy.




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