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E201: How to navigate the new world of PR with Jen Berson

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Jennifer Berson is the President & Founder of Jeneration PR, an award-winning Public Relations & Social Media Marketing firm specializing in promoting beauty, baby, and lifestyle brands. Jen’s retainer clients range from small and mid-sized brands to multi-billion dollar publicly traded companies, and everything in between. 

Episode highlights:



  • “It’s my one rebellion.”
  • “The space is limited there.”
  • “It’s one more element that can work to our advantage or work against us.”
  • “The lines definitely are blurred.”
  • “It has to be genuine—it has to align with their editorial focus.”
  • “You’re not just pitching them—you’re paying them.”
  • “She got 75-100 good pitches every single day.”
  • “Don’t think that no response means they’re not interested.”
  • “If you feel like it’s a good fit, it’s a good fit.”


  • Who is writing the content where you see yourself fitting in? Find them, go deep, pay attention to what they’re doing, and then engage with them. From there you can send a short, strategic pitch written specifically for them. 
  • “Pitch before you’re ready.”




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