[Live Training Series] RUN YOUR AGENCY LIKE A PRO

E202: Improve UX to increase conversions with Piccia Neri

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Piccia Neri is a UX expert and global speaker, helping businesses and agencies win on the web by putting users at the center. She loves educating designers & developers in the best UX & UI practices via workshops, courses, and talks in 3 languages. Piccia is also a UX project lead and a Maverick at Cloudways.

Episode highlights:

  • What is UX and UI? Where do you start? Piccia breaks it down.
  • What’s in a page? It can be a lot, and valued at a LOT. Piccia helps us understand.
  • What kind of design decisions must be made to work with your audience.
  • How UX research can benefit agencies and businesses. (Hint: it’s about converting!)
  • What AirBnB changed to find incredible success – “stratospheric!”
  • Small steps that an agency owner can take to improve UX.
  • What a form is worth and how conversion rates can be increased.
  • Best advice: Life – always think that you can be/do/have whatever you want. Never have limits. UX – the five whys.
  • Habit that contributes to success: The willingness and need to keep learning. Also, meditation.
  • Recommended tool: Insight timer for meditation, Contrastchecker.com, Coolers.co
  • Recommended book: Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug
  • Run time: 44:27



  • “Three languages? Do it! Just don’t brag about it.”
  • “You’re planning rather than just making it up.”
  • “It’s not a buzzword…it’s something that’s absolutely essential.”
  • “We were pushed into this commodity trap of low-value work.”
  • “Even one page could be an $18k page.”
  • “The page itself isn’t hard. It’s all the process ahead of time.”
  • “You just work with what you’ve got.”
  • “He saw the conversion grow 400%.”
  • “I wasn’t selling prettier images. I was selling trust.”
  • “Normal does not exist.”
  • “Start trying to include every human and that will increase conversions.”
  • “It’s not just a form.”
  • “That’s why we do it – helping people out.”


  • UX/UI: The first step is getting to know who you’re doing this for. And their WHY for wanting something done is very important. Ask as many times as you can. Why.
  • “Research should be 50, 60, 70% of a project.”
  • Don’t have resources to make forms fully accessible? Add the following: 
    • Are you unable to use this form? Click this link and send me an email.




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