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E211: Memos From The Head Office with Perry Marshall

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Perry Marshall is one of the most expensive business strategists in the world. He is endorsed in FORBES and INC Magazine and has authored eight books. He completed the $10 million Evolution 2.0 Prize by Harvard and Oxford. He is a published scientist who aims to solve the number one mystery in artificial intelligence and life itself. His reinvention of the Pareto Principle is published in Harvard Business Review. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs used his 80/20 Curve as a productivity tool.

We’re chatting about his new book – Memos From The Head Office.

Episode highlights:

  • On moments of epiphanies, and how J.K. Rowling’s story includes this.
  • How Perry starts his day to encourage the muse and bigger thinking.
  • How to be more productive and effective throughout your day.
  • More time working or more time with hobbies? Perry fills us in.
  • What you can do to help find the muse.
  • What to do once you get that insight.
  • The clever and profound way to access another part of your brain, and get different answers.
  • The story of the muse hitting Brent, leading him to start UGURUS.
  • Best advice: Seek wisdom.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Renaissance time – morning journaling.
  • Recommended tool: MarketingDNAtest.com – Free if you go through 80/20
  • Recommended book: The Star Principle by Richard Koch
  • Run time: 45:35



  • “After she straightened everything out, she had the Harry Potter series.”
  • “What I have is an approach to being receptive to it.”
  • “Most people completely screw themselves before they even get out of bed.”
  • “The world is dragging you by your nose.”
  • “It’s not that people tell themselves to look busy, they’re just programmed to look busy.”
  • “They don’t distinguish the difference between productive work and just activity.”
  • “When you sit down and write, you’re asking a question.”
  • “Write it down. Shut off the editor.”
  • “You can cultivate your listening ear.”
  • “The quiet voice of wisdom is the quietest voice.”
  • “Inspiration never comes when your fists are clenched.”


  • Get off your phone in bed! Especially when you first wake up.
  • Leave your house, maybe go for a walk, at least once a day.
  • Write a question on a piece of paper, then pay attention to your answer.



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