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E214: Run a meetingless, phone call-free agency with Frankie Fihn

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Frankie Fihn is the author of the book Beyond The Agency Box. He has been in digital marketing since 2007. He is an entrepreneur, shaman, speaker, author, and world traveler. He has been featured with the world’s number one marketer, Jay Abraham. He has also written for several magazines, he has been featured in numerous podcasts and articles, and he has spoken on stages all across the world.

Episode highlights:

  • On becoming a nomadic entrepreneur—nope, it wasn’t planned!
  • How Frankie pulls off a meeting-less and phone-less process.
  • How deals are structured to be meeting-less.
  • What four expectations Frankie sets when starting out with clients.
  • What happens when you niche down, and what doors opened for Frankie.
  • How Frankie runs his remote team. It’s not the standard US-based boss scenario.
  • Best advice: In business, it’s about the offer.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Taking mornings and evenings to myself.
  • Recommended tool: Loom
  • Recommended book: Brent’s book! And Greg McKeown’s Essentialism and Joey Coleman’s Never Lose A Customer Again
  • Run time: 34:30



  • “There was no, ‘I’m gonna get rich on the internet and live all over the world.’”
  • “How could I deal with those symptoms right where they’re happening?”
  • “The ultimate low-maintenance agency.”
  • “Fifty percent of what we do is communicating on building the house, and 50% is on building the house.”
  • “I probably have less than two meetings a month.”
  • “It’s just chaotic, stressful… the whole thing was just neurotic.”
  • “My SOP’s can be done in a week. Even less if I didn’t hate doing them so much!”


  • So much of preparing to have fewer meetings is in setting expectations.
  • A niche is necessary when committing to this model. You have your processes, and you know your clients.




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