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E222: Becoming a YouTube celebrity as a nomadic agency ceo with Phil Lockwood

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Phil Lockwood is the Founder and Chief Visionary of Distill. His focus is on developing and evolving simple, high-returning web marketing efforts that help his clients implement and grow. He’s a regular guest and speaker on numerous podcasts and conferences, like Bloomberg, Businessweek, ABC World News Tonight, USA Today, Wired Business 2.0, and many others. He has also recently released a successful YouTube channel, called Always Be Changing, where he’s literally traveling the world, still running his agency, and sharing his experiences with this audience.

Episode highlights:

  • How Phil went from a passionate pursuit to a grander plan with his YouTube concept.
  • Why this path may lead down a road to niching.
  • What perks the Lockwoods have been enjoying in their video-travel work.
  • How the three kiddos are adapting to nomadic life.
  • How having a “home-base” vs. living purely nomadic feels different.
  • How to prep the kids to see something interesting during travel and get them truly engaged.
  • How having a camera present changes the dynamic, and what drawbacks exist.
  • How Phil keeps his agency going while traveling the world.
  • How Phil and his wife divvy up work to keep the channel going efficiently.
  • Best advice: from Phil’s Grandmother: Accept responsibility for your successes and your failures.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Perfectionism
  • Recommended tool: Google Tasks
  • Recommended book: Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson
  • Run time: 39:44



  • “It was a slow evolution!”
  • “I’m more, ‘Let’s see what percolates to the top’…”
  • “I never realized how many places have lizards and snakes.”
  • “We’ve literally been living out of suitcases…having a home base makes all the difference.”
  • “You see where that battle took place.”
  • “We’re always prioritizing the family over the filming.”
  • “I realize the behind the scenes….90% of our travel gear was cameras!”


  • If there’s a topic you can sit down and confidently record pieces of, you’re able to “create once, use everywhere”. Start with what is easy and quick and efficient!
  • Having a camera around: limit, focus, and don’t film everything.

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