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E224: When Mom decides to take over the world with Martha Krejci

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Martha Krejci is a high-vibin’ mama, wife, business coach + (no fluff!) growth strategist. Featured in Oprah Magazine, Fast Company, Cosmopolitan, Shape, and Huffington Post among other places. She teaches openly through courses, group coaching, and other tried-and-true resources. From finding your passion to building a business that works, she teaches it all to anyone that’s ready.

Moms (and dads!), get ready. You’re gonna feel this…

Episode highlights:

  • How Martha got past that million mark.
  • How to hire for growth, and what to keep in mind while managing.
  • What one word differentiates someone who you should keep and someone you should let go.
  • What happened after Martha’s daughter took her first steps.
  • Martha started with an SEO agency. Here’s where the agency went and how it evolved.
  • How Martha chose to work with families.
  • Moms and dads under pressure, plus being an entrepreneur…not easy. Here are some strategies to make it work.
  • How to balance family and work.
  • How to make it work for a husband and wife business. Or even a full family concept.
  • Best advice: Careful who you learn from. 
  • Habit that contributes to success: Being driven – getting things done.
  • Recommended tool: Audible
  • Recommended book: Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson, Traction by Gino Wickman
  • Run time: 40:01



  • “You see an actual need and expand into it. It’s not just, ‘Hey, I see some dollars over here – let me pick those up’.”
  • “Going from zero to a million isn’t that difficult….you can do that on your own. But when you want to expand past that…the biggest thing for me was being able to take my grubby mitts off everything in my business.”
  • “There’s freedom on the other side.”
  • “It never has to be personal.”
  • “Well, I can’t afford to do it not making money.”
  • “Tribal life is what it’s REALLY supposed to be.”
  • “Our kids just need to know that they matter to us.”
  • “It’s almost like we signed up for the armed forces or something. Like, you just need to suck it up, sister!”
  • “I don’t think moms need any more shame and guilt than our society has already put on them.”
  • “It looks different for every family.”


  • Employees can’t mess everything up. They aren’t running everything! “They’ll only mess up a little bit of something”.
  • Look at your life: hash out previous challenges and use those issues to create a solution for customers. What will you NOT get bored offering?
  • Schedule in family time (non-negotiable!) on your calendar. 

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