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E225: The brilliant cycle of “Create Mode” with Aaron Wrixon

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Since the mid-90s, WRIXON founder Aaron Wrixon has been paid for writing well over 7 million words.

Aaron has written for more than 120 different industries across the English-speaking world, with a focus on writing for agencies and their clients.

He lives in Canada, surrounded by women—his wife, his two daughters, two dogs, and a bearded dragon.

He recently became a Wall Street Journal bestseller.

Episode highlights:

  • How Aaron became a WSJ bestseller.
  • How saying “yes” to a low-budget project may lead to a big opportunity.
  • The third option: you don’t need to be a freelancer or a larger agency owner.
  • On finding creativity in a niche that isn’t especially known to be creative.
  • How finding boundaries on time to create can help get you into flow.
  • Has creating music benefited Aaron’s writing work?
  • Best advice: Lots of stuff from Liminal Coach Mike Parker
  • Habit that contributes to success: Getting up and grinding
  • Recommended tool: Thought Leaders
  • Recommended book: American Ground by William Langewiesche
  • Run time: 32:56



  • “The power of saying yes and keeping your options open.”
  • “Normally I would have said, ‘No, sorry I can’t.’”
  • “I want to grow a practice, not a business.”
  • “Where will I find jobs that will elevate my ability to earn for the same amount of work?”
  • “That level of skill is missing.”
  • “It’s never been a question of how to turn (creativity) on.”
  • “If you become my client, you’ll enjoy the same benefits.”
  • “All of this benefits from charging a rate that makes this possible.”


  • Find the difference between time to create and time for other work. What’s your time of day for creativity?
  • There’s more than just freelancing and owning a big agency. Where do you want to be?

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