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E227: How virtual events help agencies flourish with Jan Koch

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Jan Koch is the owner of Virtual Summit Mastery and a passionate virtual summit host, connecting with people and building an audience globally. He has been organizing summits since 2015 and enjoys connecting with his attendees through live video streams. Jan’s mission is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses through the power of virtual events.

Episode highlights:

  • How and why Jan got started, and how that first summit went.
  • How virtual summits went from something Jan did to something he focused on.
  • How a niched digital agency was transformed through a virtual event.
  • How you build authority.
  • Brass tacks on virtual events: what you need to think about.
  • How to get people there.
  • Why you should have two landing pages.
  • Best advice: Don’t overthink stuff.
  • Habit that contributes to success: The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday 
  • Recommended tool: Get Forest app – to block distractions
  • Recommended book: How to Think Like a Roman Emperor by Donald Robertson
  • Run time: 32:29



  • “The feast and famine that you go through…I was sick of that roller coaster.”
  • “Now everybody and their dog are hosting virtual events.”
  • “88 speakers at one event? We’ll have like six. That’s a little intense for my liking.”
  • “Summits as a Service – it’s the new SaaS!”
  • “That’s not a story I haven’t heard before.”
  • “They see an event with 20 experts, but who is the one constant?”
  • “When we involved smart people, it got way easier!”


  • You position yourself as the expert by bringing people together.
  • Repurpose content into marketing assets. It can be years worth of value.

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