E229: Sell, lead, and create winning offers with Cody Getchell

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Cody Getchell is the man behind the high-ticket coaching program GSD and is a senior partner in L.A’s top-rated marketing agency Custom Creatives.

His mission is to help entrepreneurs get out of their own way by moving from an unsustainable “do it all“ mentality to building a rockstar team that gives them the ability to create an assembly line in their business to create growth and freedom.

Episode highlights:

  • How Cody’s entrepreneurial mentality got him started (hustling in middle school!).
  • What selling cars can do for a high-ticket sales education.
  • How the “Authority Frame” applies to not only sales but any conversation you have.
  • When to hold back on the “authority” in conversations.
  • How to get started on a sales call.
  • One of the best skills a salesperson can have. Yes, we can all have it!
  • What $$ Cody counts as “high-ticket”.
  • The 4-square trick to hand stuff off.
  • The importance of a “Scary Offer”.
  • Best advice: Don’t let trying to be perfect stop you from being great.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Perseverance.
  • Recommended tool: Loom
  • Recommended book: Jim Collins – Good To Great and more Jim Collins
  • Run time: 34:38



  • “I think they call that candy bar arbitrage.”
  • “He called the cops on us and ended up getting arrested.”
  • “You’ve gotta keep control of the conversation.”
  • “You gotta know when to interrupt someone on a sales call.”
  • “Lead with ‘help’.”
  • “No cubes for Cody.”
  • “It’s a common thing of, ‘Oh, I’ll just do it’.”


  • In sales: think about what you could say to bring them back into the conversation that you are guiding.
  • Find a problem, give a solution.

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