[Live Training Series] RUN YOUR AGENCY LIKE A PRO

E23: Building a Strong Pipeline of Clients with Philip Morgan

Today’s guest is Philip Morgan of Philip Morgan Consulting. Philip helps development shops build solid pipelines of clients by using positioning and specialization. If you’re hoping to grow your leads, you will not want to miss today’s show!

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Philip’s elevator pitch: What he does, who he helps, and why it works. He also talks about why he decided to begin offering this service to clients.
  • How Philip went from literally selling his own possessions to make his mortgage payment to running a successful agency.
  • At what point Philip realized that he needed to specialize and change the way he was running his business.
  • Why people think that specializing means giving up opportunities and how Philip helps his clients get over this mindset.
  • Why specializing helps you gain your clients’ trust.
  • How specializing does not necessarily mean that you won’t have diversity and challenge in your workday.
  • Some of the emotional obstacles that come up when people consider specializing.


Philip Morgan Consulting
Blue Ocean Strategy
Crossing the Chasm
Positioning Crash Course
Philip’s Book

Quotes by Philip:

“I think specializing your services is the best way to solve your other big problem, which is the lead generation problem.”

“If you can get rid of the things that distract you, you can go deeper and produce more value and a better outcome.”

“I don’t hear people who specialize telling me that they’re bored. They’ve moved past the superficial problems… Once you get past those, the really interesting problems start to surface.”



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