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E233: Get better sleep to grow your agency with Sarah Moe

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Sarah Moe started her career in Sleep Medicine in 2006 and is the Founder and CEO of Sleep Health Specialists, which provides sleep education to local businesses and corporations. She was also an Adjunct Professor in the Polysomnography (Sleep) Program at Minneapolis College. Sarah sat on the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Sleep Society and the Educational Products Committee for the American Association of Sleep Technologists.

For her role in Sleep Education in our workforce, Sarah has been named to the Minnesota Business Magazine’s “35 Under 35” 2016, “Most Likely to Succeed- Healthcare Division” finalist in 2017, “Women Who Lead” 2018, the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal’s “Women In Business” 2019, and the TeamWomen’s “WaveMaker Award- Uncharted Territory” finalist, 2019.

Episode highlights:

  • Why sleep became Sarah’s career focus, the “third pillar of health”.
  • What is the ideal amount of sleep? It’s complicated….
  • More on “sleep debt”. Is it real?
  • How and why to nap, and the must-have accessory.
  • Blue light, caffeine, alcohol…here’s what’s holding you back.
  • Best advice: Be yourself. People respond to passion!
  • Habit that contributes to success: Confidence.
  • Recommended tool: National Sleep Foundation
  • Recommended book: Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Run time: 36:37



  • “But we don’t learn anything about sleep!”
  • “It’s no coincidence that we’re all tired all of the time.”
  • “If you’re not sleeping well, those things aren’t going to be nearly as impactful.”
  • “It means it’s time to initiate.”
  • “‘I can’t sleep without my TV!’ – ‘Have you ever tried?’”


  • Sleeping poorly makes you take a lot longer to reach health and fitness goals.
  • Use an eye mask! For sleep and trained behavior.

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