[Live Training Series] RUN YOUR AGENCY LIKE A PRO

E236: The Impact of Being a Niche Market Authority – With Scott & Craig DeFasselle

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Scott & Craig DeFasselle have led more than 150 workshops teaching organizations that help people with disabilities how to find and keep more of the staff they need.

After a recent workshop series, an HR Recruiter reported that she had gone from 20 open positions to only 6!

Together they co-authored the new book, “Heart, Hope & Honesty – How I/DD Providers Can Attract & Retain Amazing Direct Support Professionals & Thrive Despite the DSP Crisis.”

Craig and Scott are father and son, as well as business partners with a personal connection to the work they do.

Episode highlights:

  • Why niche selection is so important.
  • What’s your greatest challenge?
  • Every market has its own language and terminology.
  • The discovery process.
  • How to build a specific list.
  • Why picking up the phone and calling people is important.
  • Customer development is very different than cold calling.
  • How Scott & Craig bridged the gap between customer development and getting a customer to pay them.
  • The abundance vs. scarcity mindset.
  • Why you shouldn’t get discouraged with the time between the initial contact and obtaining a new client.
  • The impact of being a market authority.
  • What does it mean to deliver a workshop?
  • Best advice:
    • Scott: The secret to life is just ask. Ask the question, ask for what you want. The worst that the other person can say is no and you’re right back to where you started.
    • Craig: The harder you work, the luckier you get.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Persistence, Competitiveness
  • Recommended tool: Loom, Perfect Recall
  • Recommended book: The Workshop Survival Guide by Rob Fitzpatrick & Devin Hunt, Vivid Vision by Cameron Herold
  • Run time: 55:13



  • “It’s so easy with a whale client to underestimate what it’s going to take to do the work. When you don’t have experience with large projects, it’s really easy to miss the mark with scoping and estimating.”
  • “Who from your client list would you invite over to your home for a backyard BBQ? If the answer to that question is no one, that’s not a good sign! The idea is that you want to work with people you would be willing to have over to your house.”
  • “Every market has its language.”
  • “Build a list of organizations and contact them.”
  • “The workforce crisis looks and feels different for different organizations.”
  • “Don’t overthink it.”
  • “There’s this gap between doing customer development and actually getting a customer to pay you.”
  • “The deeper your level of expertise became, the more you could help all of your clients.”
  • “When you are niched, you are able to get much better results by working with multiple clients in that niche.”
  • “There’s always something more for us to learn.”
  • “You have to have broken through that trust barrier where people are willing to talk to you.”
  • “To get your first client in a market is not easy.”
  • “When you can put that you’re the author or co-author of a book in your signature, it seems to elicit responses.”
  • “It’s something that’s both really humbling and really exciting. Now, these opportunities just come and find us.”


  • Customer development takes time, but it’s worth it.
  • You can get much better results by working within a niche market.

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