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E238: The Future of Digital Marketing – With Geoffrey Colon

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Geoffrey Colon is a compelling voice in marketing at the intersection of marketing, tech, media, and popular culture. He has been quoted in dozens of media outlets and has appeared on numerous television programs to share his expertise.

Geoffrey works as the Head of Brand Studio for Microsoft Advertising. He is a published author and was the creator, producer, and host of the DISRUPTIVE FM podcast. Geoffrey was also the creator and co-executive producer of the web video series The Download for two seasons.

Episode highlights:

  • How the digital marketing world is changing
  • What will digital advertising look like in a world without tracking cookies?
  • Why diversifying advertising is important
  • How will the Metaverse impact businesses
  • Why the “madmen/women” advertising method needs to be coupled with math
  • Why combined roles succeed
  • The relevancy of businesses
  • Best advice: Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Boxing
  • Recommended tool: Printful 
  • Recommended book: Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy, Creative Quests by Questlove
  • Run time: 37:26



  • “In this past year, a lot of people quit their company jobs just to go solo into a world that is very vague and ambiguous but they’re taking the plunge.”
  • “The differentiation is something we have to unlearn. Sales has always been looked at as this cost generator and marketing has always been looked at as costing us a lot of money.”
  • “We now know that sinking all of your budget into one area is not going to necessarily be as helpful as diversifying what your marketing portfolio or mix is.”
  • “The Metaverse is the future of marketing.”
  • “This is a whole new environment that requires a new way of thinking with a new interest in people.”
  • “What the creator economy is doing right now is flipping the advertising model on its head.”
  • “TikTok has been a revolution that (maybe) was needed.”


  • Digital marketing as we know it is changing.
  • As digital marketing changes, we will need to develop a new way of thinking and unlearn and relearn the best practices.

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