E24: Funding Your Agency In The Early Days with Andrew Dymski

Today we’re talking to Andrew Dymski, the co-founder of a digital agency called GuavaBox, as well as the co-founder of DoInbound, which is an inbound marketing project management process and team management system. With his experience in running agencies and developing software platforms, Andrew is a great person to talk to about his experience as an entrepreneur.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Why Andrew decided to create digital agencies and why entrepreneurship appealed to him.
  • How the funding worked in the early days of the agency and how Andrew and his business partners managed to afford to start a business while still in college.
  • When Andrew felt like he was making it and that he felt confident that things were going well with the company.
  • What DoInbound does for companies and why Andrew decided to go in this direction.
  • The business model that DoInbound supports.
  • How Andrew’s team was able to manage two different agencies and products when they were in the transition phase, as well as when they second-guessed their decision.
  • What Andrew sees the future of his business based on current trends.


Quotes by Andrew:

“It’s scary when you’re being paid for something that you have a rough idea how to do, but you’ve never actually done it before… That first 12-18 months is just a massive learning experience.”

“If you can document your processes and repeat them, you might be able to deliver it to other clients.”

“If you can’t sell it, you shouldn’t spend a lot of time building it…. You can spend so much time building crap that no one is interested in.”