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E240: Taking Immediate & Decisive Action – With Damien Zamora

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Damien Zamora is the CEO of GoMobile Solutions, which was founded in 2010. He helps business owners and marketing agencies scale their businesses with done-for-you mobile app development. When he isn’t reinventing and repurposing new technologies, he works with young and hopeful entrepreneurs and is also a coach and speaker. Zamora has been an entrepreneur for 30 years and is an internet 1.0 pioneer. He has started and developed several million-dollar enterprises. 

Episode highlights:



  • “Lead sources are leveraging someone else’s influence and getting that evergreen endorsement. Working with a company that has a vested interest in the success of the folks within their community.”
  • “The first thing I did was, I put myself out there, I took the calculated risk and I decided to find the right tradeshow that would have my ideal target audience. The second thing, I at least left my contact info out. The third thing I did was, I said yes and figured it out later…The other thing I did, was I made it easy…I didn’t expect them to figure it out…Another step, I offered an affiliate commission.”
  • “A lot of people overlook these types of strategic partnerships where it’s more about finding people in your niche that are already plugged into your ideal customer.”
  • “Whoever you serve, Google it. Google is your friend here. Find the tradeshows. Find the trade magazines. Find the networking meetings. Find the industry association.”
  • “A lot of stuff can be done through Zoom appointments, but I think there’s something, when it comes to key partners and when it comes to trust and understanding somebody, of getting on a plane and making time for somebody face-to-face.”
  • “My whole life changed because of getting on that plane and taking immediate and decisive action.”
  • “Sometimes you just need to have blind faith and jump.”


  • There is a great benefit to taking immediate and decisive action.
  • Having lead sources and creating strategic partnerships will help you grow your business.

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