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E243: Relationships & Lead Generation – With Lindsay Shearer

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Lindsay Shearer runs a large Pinterest ads/SEO/traffic generation community and is the CEO of two digital marketing agencies called Pins 4 Profit and BrandRanx Media. She is a private equity investor in e-com brands, a software developer, a frequent speaker, and a host of masterminds all around the world. Lindsay has been featured in/on Entrepreneur, The Washington Post, Fox News, Social Media Explorer, Market Watch, just to name a few.

Episode highlights:

  • Creating affiliate or partnership relationships
  • The benefits of cross-training your team
  • Pinterest as a platform for e-commerce businesses
  • Finding a unique angle to get speaking engagements
  • Keeping and preserving relationships
  • How to move from having audience members to having people you do business with
  • Using awesome freebies for lead magnets
  • Best advice: Mentors are worth the investment. Get out there and just do it.
  • Habit that contributes to success: My willingness and my hunger for success. Asking for help.
  • Recommended tool: Canva
  • Recommended book: $100M Dollar Offers by Alex Hormozi, The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster by Darren Hardy
  • Run time: 34:51



  • “We didn’t really run a ton of ads initially, I was just really getting my butt out there. I was getting on podcasts, getting on speaking events, hosting virtual summits, writing articles about things that were happening, sharing in social groups, and kind of doing it the bootstraps way…I was always looking for relationship partnering.”
  • “Most people miss the search engine behavior, and so we have created a unique system that helps our clients get and capitalize on that relevancy, for lack of a better term, that’s basically similar to how we would approach an SEO strategy.”
  • “People want to trust you with their audience, and they should. Sharing yourself and your previous speaking is amazing, because they can see your tonality, they can understand that you really know what you’re talking about, and they can get excited about so many things.”
  • “It’s my goal to make it easy for folks to say yes. With the speaker’s card, if everything looks perfect and amazing and beautiful, it’s so much easier to just say yes, this is great. So making things easy for people to say yes, and also we create awesome free things, generally, for people that engage with us on the podcast or anytime I host on another podcast, I go ‘here is an awesome freebie that will be of really high value to your audience’, and then we collect leads. And then, of course, we nurture them through email, through our Facebook group, and through Instagram.”
  • “When you’re excited about it, it gets them excited about it. When you’re confident about it, they feel more confident about it. 90% of agency life is reassuring your clients that we’re on the right track.”


  • Make it easy for people to say yes by being prepared with something you can offer.
  • Ask for help.

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