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Episode 247

Agile Marketing

With Andrea Fryrear

Andrea Fryrear is the CEO and Co-founder of AgileSherpas, a bootstrapped multi-million dollar business that teaches marketers how to apply the Agile methodology to their unique profession. She is a leading authority on optimizing customer acquisition and retention processes. Andrea is also the author of two books on organizational agility and is an international speaker and trainer. 

Episode highlights:

  • How an Eminem song inspired Andrea to quit her day job
  • Replacing yourself in the business
  • Repeatable training processes
  • Documentation
  • Empowering your team to take over tasks
  • Bringing on new team members
  • Using marketing and branding for hiring
  • How Agile methodology can be integrated into marketing
  • Translation and customization
  • The flexibility to learn
  • Should marketing agencies look at the Agile methodology for fulfillment?
  • Reorganization and restructure
  • Best advice: Do less to accomplish more.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Getting up early in the morning and making time for herself before business, kids, and the world intrudes.
  • Recommended tool: Trello
  • Recommended book: Personal Kanban by Tonianne DeMaria Barry and Jim Benson



  • “If there was anything I had to do more than one time, I would document it. Either Screencast and record what I was doing, or video myself explaining the thing that I was doing in real-time walking through it so that when it was time to bring someone on to do it, it was a lot easier for me to hand it over.”
  • “All the things that you know you should be doing as a leader and a business owner, you also have to do budgets and forecasting and team building, and all of the other things, and so you neglect some of those kinds of best practice things you know you ought to be doing. As soon as you’ve got a person full-time in that seat, they go and do all of those things. It has just been amazing to watch the business thrive as soon as I stepped back and became an actual CEO and not a CEO and a trainer who is trying to oversee a team of five people.”
  • “Content marketing has been serving the hiring funnel as well as the client funnel.”
  • “We talk about needing to keep our sherpa funnel full just like we keep our client funnel full because when we land a big deal and might need to staff up for it, it’s hard to find people that have those capabilities. So having them already in the process allows us to move quickly when we need to.”
  • “We do a report every year, a state of Agile marketing report, and the barrier that has been at the top for the last five years is training and education. It’s the hurdle that’s really holding marketers back.”
  • “Agile teams are supposed to work together, 100% of the time, on a shared goal.”


  • Content is the perfect way to test and de-risk your business idea. 
  • Knowing yourself must be your pre-work before starting any kind of business. 
  • A constant commitment to learning will keep you sane (and help you not go broke in the first year). 

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