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Episode 248

Personal Branding

With Jay Jay

Jay Jay is the founder of Ace of Spades Agency, which is a PR and social media agency that helps high-level CEOs, entrepreneurs, businesses, coaches, and personal brands become known as credible experts in their industry. With clients in 12 different countries, Jay and his team assist businesses and individuals get seen as the number one in their space, by placing them in tier-1 publications, high-end podcasts, morning TV shows, and getting them verified on Instagram.

As an expert in content creation, social media marketing, building brands, and sourcing PR opportunities, Jay has grown his own social media following to over a million. He has over 57 million views on YouTube and is verified on Facebook and Instagram. He coaches others to do the same and achieve similar results. Jay has also spoken in over 30 countries.

Episode highlights:

  • How Jay Jay applied his experience as a magician to his business
  • The impact of focusing on relationships
  • Getting media placements through PR
  • How building trust takes time
  • The power of speaking
  • Taking an entertainer’s approach to running an agency
  • Providing a money-back guarantee to clients
  • Dos and Don’ts of personal branding
  • Leveraging vulnerability with pain or pleasure
  • Best advice: The person you have to always believe in is you.
  • Habit that contributes to success: The ability to get in front of people and get their attention.
  • Recommended tool: Genius Scan
  • Recommended book: The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone



  • “How can you be better at sales calls if you’re doing one call every two weeks? How can you be better at speaking, how can you be better at social media, how can you be better at pitching to journalists if you’re doing it once every month?”
  • “I realized that people are buying the person, not the product.”
  • “When you speak on stage, it’s the highest form of authority you can have because you’re doing something that is still the number one fear in the world– public speaking.”
  • “I’m not an agency owner, I’m an entertainer. So I have a different outlook on the way that I position the model of agencies. Some people hate it, and some people love it because I’m coming in and disrupting it a little bit.”
  • “Stop acting like someone else that you think you have to be. You can be completely yourself now.”


  • Post on social media three times per week and watch your brand grow.
  • Post 1: Educational- post something educational about your industry.
  • Post 2: Results- Share a screenshot, text message, or video testimonial to highlight the great things that others are saying about you.
  • Post 3: Personal- Put a story behind the image that you post. People want to get to know you better.

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