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Episode 249

The Value of Speaking

With Jabez LeBret

Jabez Lebret is a best-selling author, a Forbes journalist, and a successful entrepreneur who sold his award-winning agency in 2018 to open a high school for underserved youth. Today, he is partnering on a project to help female entrepreneurs take their companies from $200K  to $1M in revenue. He has delivered over 1,200 presentations, written four books, launched multiple million-dollar companies, and he is an advisor to several Fortune 500 companies.

Episode highlights:

  • The value of speaking for agencies
  • Major mistakes made in adding speaking to an agency
  • How to get speaking gigs in your industry
  • Why getting familiar with your market before making decisions is important
  • How to maximize your speaking opportunities and capture 90% of your audience’s contact information 
  • Lessons learned on setting up follow-up campaigns from the events
  • How to get in front of your audience with multiple touchpoints
  • Best advice: Done is better than perfect.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Picking up the phone
  • Recommended tool: Search Engine Journal, Mark Homer, Jason Hennessey, Conrad Sam
  • Recommended book: The Power of Regret by Daniel Pink
  • Run time: 30:30



  • “I do find a lot of people come up with really cool mouse traps to avoid that thing that people just resist so bad…not that speaking in front of an audience is easy, but they overlook the opportunity of these rooms of people of target customers.”
  • “There is no better way to do it than presenting live because it’s a chance to actually meet and be authentic and truly understand your market.”
  • “We found it to be more effective once we learned how the landscape of that market works. What kind of speakers are they looking for and what does that speaker need to do? And once we understood that parameter we were able to build our presentations around what the market wanted and needed.”
  • “We had a whole process of touchpoints. Get the form, we called to verify their address, mailed them the book on the USB drive, called to get the receipt, and then called to set an appointment. We had already had five touchpoints before we even mentioned, ‘hey let’s talk.’”
  • “We understate how much learning we can do when we have just a few people in our target market to talk to.”


  • Speaking can make a big difference in your business
  • Failures are an opportunity to learn and do better next time
  • Getting to know your market before taking action is important

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