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Episode 251

The Digital Nomad Life

With Naomi Tepper & Tre’ Grisby

Naomi Tepper and Tre’ Grisby are the co-hosts and co-creators of the podcast Hop to It: Our Digital Nomad Journey. They are married empty-nesters who are slow-traveling through the Southwestern United States in search of home. Tre’ is a software developer and tech support dude; he is also a Shaman, light energy worker, and yoga hobbyist. Naomi, who also goes by Na (nay), is a creative solopreneur, author, and alchemist. 

In the wake of a pandemic-related layoff, instead of the status quo, they decided to alchemize this challenge into a positive change. In November 2021, they broke their Bay Area lease, bought a car, sold or put all of their stuff into storage, and hit the road in search of home. 

Episode highlights:

  • Why you shouldn’t let fear hold you back
  • Making an investment to move forward
  • How to plan for living a nomadic life
  • Being flexible in your lodging choices
  • Learning to live with less
  • How to meet people as a nomad
  • Identifying what you care about in deciding where to call home
  • Best advice: Breathwork meditation practice (Soulful Breathwork). Get past analysis paralysis, if it’s not an immediate yes then it’s a no.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Meditation. Having a schedule and morning tasks.
  • Recommended tool: Loudness.fmWorldCoinIndex.com
  • Recommended book: Haruki Murakami1Q84The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu



  • “If we didn’t go in that moment, I’m not sure if we would ever have made this leap. There’s a good chance I would have just found another job in the Bay Area, kept doing what we do, and basically renewed our subscription to living there, even though we both knew for quite a few years that it wasn’t exactly the perfect place for us.”
  • “It’s a search to find home. We wanted to stay long enough to really feel the city because a lot of people probably travel but the idea is that after about a month you start to really feel it and get uncomfortable and I think that’s part of knowing where you want to go.”
  • “We’re doing a little bit of prescreening before we even pick where we’re going.”


  • Don’t let fear hold you back from chasing your dreams
  • What feels like home is different for everyone
  • Instead of thinking of the cost, think of the investment

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