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E35: “That’s A Badass Name!” with Pia Silva

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A kiss of death for most digital agencies is to try to look like someone else.  Unfortunately, when most agencies or freelancers get started, they end up trying to model something that “looks” successful.  Join us today with Pia Silva from Badass Your Brand as she shares with you her own journey of burning it all to the ground, shedding the skin and making a tremendous comeback.


Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • The #1 reason why they don’t work with start-ups…this has nothing to do with money.
  • A simple 3 question test any entrepreneur can take right now and get clarity on the future of their business.
  • A story of being someone else and a completely different look at perseverance
  • What it feels like to turn down a good client with money because it didn’t fit within the process, and how it’s made them more profitable.
  • How to use messaging in your communication so that you’re constantly pulling your perfect clients to you ready to work.





  • “We build badass brands and that’s a badass name.”
  • “There are companies who want those young brilliant minds in their technology.”
  • “We went from $40,000 in debt to over $500,000 in sales in 12 months.”



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