E49: Start writing phenomenal copy with Dave Greenlee

Show Notes:

Dave has been writing copy for more than a decade—including for UGURUS. Listen in to learn about how he gets started when it’s time to write, whether there’s a “right” length for emails, and how he makes sure readers click through.


Episode highlights:

  • What’s the most fundamental rule in copywriting? (Spoiler alert: Know your audience!)
  • The simple (common) purpose behind each step in the writing process.
  • How to get started when it’s time to write—including how to find out what your prospects are complaining about!
  • How “unsubscribes” sometimes weed out the people you don’t want as clients.
  • Influential writers: Perry Marshall, Andre Chaperon, Ben Settle
  • Best advice: Stay in your wheelhouse.
  • Personal habit that contributes to success: persistence
  • Online tool or resource: Netflix
  • Book recommendation: The War of Art and Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield




  • “I thought it was amazing that you could send eyeballs to a letter and you could earn money from that.”
  • “It’s not just information—there’s an intent there.”
  • “We all love our own companies… but prospects just want to know if you can solve their problems.”
  • “You can find people complaining all day long.”
  • “Give me everything you got!”




  • Evaluate how your business sends emails.
    • What is the frequency?
    • What kind of content are you writing?
    • How can you make your email better?