E50: How to more easily get content from clients with James Rose

Show Notes:

James Rose co-founded a software development company. His previous venture, Silver Siphon, was sold to a Silicon Valley angel investment firm. His new tool, Content Snare, helps digital agencies with a real pain point—getting content from clients. Listen in to learn how… and how serial entrepreneurs are like a character in Indiana Jones.

Episode highlights:

  •   What James learned about running too many businesses at once.
  •   Why sometimes even professional copywriters aren’t the right fit for a company.
  •   How Content Snare was born—and how it helps keep projects on track.
  •   The secret that guides new aspects of James’ business. (Hint: anyone can use it, even you)
  •   The importance of not riding two jeeps.
  •   Best advice you’ve received: Ask yourself “Is this taking me closer to my goal?”
  •   Habit that contributes to success: networking
  •   Recommended book: Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss and The One Thing by Gary Keller
  •   Recommended tools: Zapier



  •   “(Content) is this big job they have to take time out for.”
  •   “Chunking (content) into small pieces is a good way to get stuff done.”
  •   “The problem is still not solved.”


  •   Look to your clients for feedback – you just might get some valuable insight.
  •   Are you facing a large project, such as collecting content from clients? Try breaking it down into smaller, more manageable pieces.